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Are you are prohibited from seeking gainful employment because of physical or mental illness? If your doctors think you’ll be out of work for a year or longer, consider federal programs designed to help people like you. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may be able to offer financial relief, and a Baltimore County Disability lawyer can facilitate the process. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) give monthly cash payments to those deemed eligible but it can be difficult to prove your eligibility. In fact, the majority of claimants are turned away. Increasing your odds of approval is easier with a lawyer. And when you need money fast because the bills are piling up, talk to an attorney as quickly as possible.

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You actually have a better chance of receiving benefits if you hire a Baltimore County Disability attorney, according to studies conducted by the SSA. As the applicant, the burden of proving your condition falls on you. This is so the SSA can reduce the potential for fraud in their program. Since proving cases is what attorneys do all the time, it helps to retain one to work on yours.

Baltimore County Disability lawyers handle the application

Your attorney should have, overall, a good understanding of the disability process. This is so that they can complete your paperwork and forms correctly, ask for records from your physicians, and demonstrate the merit of your disability in general. If not, you don’t have much hope of a successful claim. Get Baltimore County Disability lawyers who have years of experience handling such claims – or be prepared to go without your benefits.

Baltimore County Disability attorneys work efficiently

You need your claim handled correctly and efficiently, a job for which our Baltimore County Disability attorneys are well-known. We are aware it can take years to push a claim through federal agencies, even though you need money now. In order to start receiving checks as quickly as possible, ask the right legal professional to handle your claim – the kind you’ll find readily available at our firm.

A Disability lawyer in Baltimore County handles the bureaucracy

You don’t want to sift through extra federal paperwork, or state your case before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Such tasks can be stressful – even unnerving – for a healthy person. But when you’re permanently or temporarily disabled, it becomes nearly impossible. Ask a Disability lawyer in Baltimore County deal from our firm to handle the bureaucracy for you. Talk to our Baltimore County disability attorneys, and ask them what steps to take to have your application approved.

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