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Do you have a permanent, crippling illness, or one expected to last more than one year? Perhaps physical or mental disability prevents you from finding work. If either of these scenarios hold true for you, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may be able to provide relief. It has financial programs available to aid you, and a Baltimore Disability lawyer can improve your odds of qualifying for them. Monthly cash payments are available for applicants who qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). But most claims are rejected at some point during the complex application process. Hiring a lawyer can mean a higher likelihood of claim approval.

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As the applicant, you have the burden of demonstrating your disability. This is because SSA seeks to eliminate disability fraud. Showing the merits of your case can be challenging without a lawyer’s assistance. In fact, SSA statistics show that you have a better chance of obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits if you consult with a Baltimore Disability attorney. There are certain things that you need in order to receive application approval. For instance, a keen understanding of the disability process is required. Knowing how to fill out paperwork accurately, as well as how to procure information about your illness, are also essential skills. Without such things, it’s virtually impossible to have a successful claim. If you have difficulty with these kinds of tasks, retaining Baltimore Disability lawyers to help you may be a wise investment.

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It’s easy to make simple mistakes on your claim forms that can delay or deny your benefits — sometimes for years. Or, you can elect to have your disability claim handled correctly and efficiently by qualified Baltimore Disability attorneys. When your disability prevents you from working, your need for income becomes serious. Legal representation can decrease your odds of encountering setbacks that make your financial situation worse.

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Most people don’t look forward to filling out a great deal of disability paperwork. They may certainly become apprehensive at the thought of going before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). And straightening out the tangled intricacies of Social Security’s system can seem beyond them. When you’re attempting to accomplish all of this in the midst of physical or mental suffering, it can be an excruciating process. You’re also not likely to garner a good outcome. If this sounds like your situation, dealing with the bureaucracy is better handled by a Disability lawyer in Baltimore. Visit our Baltimore disability attorneys to discuss how to apply for the Social Security benefits program.

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