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It’s hard enough these days to meet your financial obligations. It can be even more difficult if a physical or mental disability keeps you from working. But a Baltimore Social Security lawyer may be able to change all that. He or she can review the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) disability benefits with you, and determine if you are eligible for them. If you are, and your application is approved, monthly checks will be mailed to you from the federal government. Bear in mind that submitting an application for benefits can confuse and bewilder claimants. Letting a lawyer assist with your claim may save you a great deal of stress – as well as bolster your chances of a successful application.

What a Baltimore Social Security attorney can do

About 70% of Social Security Disability requests are rejected prior to appeal. By having a Baltimore Social Security attorney complete your application, your chances of early approval may be maximized. It’s crucial to have a lawyer if your benefit claim was denied or rejected. This is because you may need to file for an appeal (otherwise known as a “request for reconsideration”). Your attorney can also represent you during hearings before Administrative Law Judges (ALJ’s).

Why hire a Baltimore Social Security lawyers?

You aren’t required to hire Baltimore Social Security lawyers to assist with your disability application. But the SSA does advise applicants that their odds of approval increase if representation is obtained. This is because a claim can need a great deal of supplemental documentation and numerous filing requests before approval is granted. Also, disability hearings are legal proceedings held in front of judges; whenever there is a legal proceeding, it is wise to have a lawyer present. Work can be difficult (if not impossible) when you are coping with a debilitating condition. If you are, there are plenty of ways to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Benefits can be calculated from your work history, FICA taxes, and payroll deductions. Or, if you never worked and have limited access to resources, an application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits may be needed. You want benefits as quickly as possible, which is why you need to meet with Baltimore Social Security attorneys to discuss your application. They can assist you in applying in the most efficient manner possible, no matter what benefits you’re considering.

Talk to a Social Security lawyer in Baltimore

Are you reasonably sure that you qualify for benefits? If so, take advantage of the free consultation offered by our Baltimore Social Security attorneys. Or, if your initial application was turned away, a lawyer from our firm can advise you what to do next.

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