Loudoun County Social Security Lawyer

Trying to get your Social Security benefits is a complicated, long, and stressful process that may take years to complete. Understanding the process of how the application works is the first step. Unfortunately, understanding the process is what starts the confusion for many people. The process is anything but clear and has multiple steps to it. A qualified Loudoun County Social Security Lawyer can be a strong asset in filing a successful Social Security claim.

Skilled Loudoun County Social Security Attorney

A skilled Loudoun Social Security Attorney can advise on you on what actions to take when you decide to file a claim for Social Security benefits. Because the time between when you apply for benefits and actually receive those benefits can be very long, filing your claim as soon as possible can be very helpful to you. A Loudoun Social Security Attorney can help handle the various aspects of the process that might throw someone who is representing themselves off course, such as how to handle rejections, meeting strict deadlines, and collecting all necessary verifications.

Knowledgeable Loudoun County Social Security Lawyers

The Loudoun County Social Security Lawyers at Price Benowitz LLC are experienced, courtroom-tested, and educated in disability and Social Security law. Our attorneys know how to successfully handle appeals, using strategies such as identifying technical errors made by the administrative law judge, determining if there were substantive errors made by an administrative law judge, and determining if the judgment based on insufficient evidence to support the claim. Should the appeals uphold an administrative law judge’s decision, our attorneys can also appeal decisions at the federal level.

Finding a Social Security Lawyer in Loudoun County

If you are disabled or sick and cannot work as a result, you need your benefits and you need them now. A Social Security Lawyer in Loudoun County can work with you and help facilitate the process by which you receive your benefits. Our attorneys understand how important it is that receive your benefits without unnecessary delay and will listen and aggressively advocate for your rights to your benefits on your behalf. Our attorneys are standing by waiting to help you – all you have to do is call us.