Maryland Disability Lawyer

Suffering a disability or a debilitating illness which makes returning to work impossible can be a tremendous financial and emotional burden. While financial assistance is available through governmental programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the process of applying for these disability benefits is its own burden. If you or a loved one is disabled and qualifies for SSD benefits, let a professional handle your disability claim while you focus on your health and your family. Contact a Maryland disability lawyer to take care of your Social Security case.

If a disability is so severe that it prevents someone from maintaining gainful employment, it stands to reason that the disabled individual would likewise not have the strength, stamina, or resources to undergo the arduous legal process of applying for disability benefits. From the endless forms and paperwork, to proof of disability, to hearing requests, hearings, and appeals, the disability process can take hours of intensive concentration and years of legal back and forth. For most people, the process is too much to handle, and the majority of SSD applicants are denied benefits. A Maryland disability lawyer, however, is an expert committed to handling Social Security cases for the benefit of disabled workers.

There is no legal or statutory requirement that an individual uses a Maryland disability attorney to file a Social Security claim. However, statistics show that the likelihood of having your disability benefits approved is increase if a Maryland disability lawyer handles your case. In fact, the use of an SSD attorney is so important that the US Supreme Court requires judges to notify applicants without legal representation that their likelihood of a successful disability benefits claim is strengthened if they allow a Social Security disability lawyer to handle their case.

Applying for Social Security Disability is complex and confusing. A Maryland disability lawyer has the experience to properly complete necessary forms, the resources to demonstrate and prove disability, and the legal expertise to request hearings and to represent you at disability hearings. In the event of denied benefits, a Maryland disability lawyer can handle your appeal.

Your financial stability is too great to risk. Why take a chance that you will be denied the disability benefits to which you are entitled? If you think you qualify for Social Security benefits, call a Maryland disability lawyer to answer any questions and to handle your Social Security disability claim at (301) 684-8181.