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Common Social Security Disability Mistakes

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a complex, detailed, and time-consuming process. For many people, a disability claim will be rejected at the initial application because of avoidable errors. Through every step of the disability process, necessary procedures must be followed precisely and within required deadlines. Failure to adhere to the legal process will result in a rejection of your SSD claim and denial of much needed disability benefits. With the help of a qualified disability lawyer, you can avoid the most common errors in filing your SSD claim.

Common Social Security Disability Mistakes

  • Filing your claim without a Social Security Disability lawyer - Any legal proceeding garners more positive results when handled by a skilled attorney. Social Security Disability hearings are no exception. In fact, statistical evidence from the Social Security Administration demonstrates that claimants are more likely to be awarded disability benefits when they obtain representation from a disability lawyer. If you are unemployed due to disability, you may think that you cannot afford a SSD lawyer; however, it is important to remember that disability attorneys are paid only after you win your disability claim. In fact, you do not actually pay the attorney yourself; the SSA sends the check to the attorney from any back pay you receive. The disability attorney fee is 25% of your disability back pay, with a maximum fee of $6000.
  • Delaying in applying for disability benefits - The disability process can take years to complete, particularly if subject to reviews, hearings, and appeals. If you are unable to work, you need benefits as soon as possible. To begin receiving disability benefits in a timely manner, apply for SSD benefits as soon as you become disabled.
  • Filing a new claim rather than appealing denied benefits - Up to 70% of new claims are rejected. If you receive notice that your application for disability benefits has been denied, request a hearing within 60 days of notification. Attending a disability hearing represented by a skilled disability attorney grants claimants a 60% chance of approval on review, much greater than the chances of having benefits awarded on a subsequent application.
  • Failing to prepare for your claim - To successfully present a Social Security disability claim, one must be prepared. Preparation includes obtaining current medical records, following doctor's orders and taking prescribed medications as directed, filing hearing requests and appeals within the specified time frame, and attending all medical appointments and court dates. Juggling all the necessary requirements, documentation, and appointments can be difficult. For help keeping you prepared and on track throughout the process, find a Social Security Disability attorney to handle your claim.
  • These are but a few of the many common mistakes in filing a Social Security Disability (SSD) claim. Without a doubt, hiring a DC disability lawyer or Maryland disability lawyer can be your best chance of avoiding the preventable errors that could jeopardize your claim.