Stafford County Social Security Lawyer

It is not mandated by law that individuals be represented by a Social Security Disability lawyer as they attempt to apply for disability benefits. As such, many individuals assume that applying for benefits is something that can be easily accomplished on their own. They incorrectly believe that filling out paperwork and submitting verification of their disability is all that it takes to get their benefits. Those without legal representation quickly realize their mistake as they are overwhelmed with paperwork, have to attend disability hearings, and find themselves with a rejected disability benefits claim, perhaps numerous times. That is where a Stafford County Social Security Lawyer can help you. Our attorneys know the process to get Social Security benefits and are here willing to serve you.

Qualified Stafford County Social Security Attorney

If you don’t know how the Social Security process works, a good option for you would be to hire a Stafford County Social Security Attorney. Our attorneys bring a myriad of experiences with Social Security law to the table and have seen firsthand how the process actually works. As such, our attorneys can help streamline the process by helping you submit more complete, accurate applications and providing the strongest evidence of a disability. Our attorneys can also argue on your behalf in court and advocate for your rights in from of an administrative law judge.

Knowledgeable Stafford County Social Security Lawyers

The Price Benowitz team of Stafford County Social Security Lawyers can advise you on the mistakes you may have made in the past and can help you avoid making mistakes on your application. Common mistakes seen throughout the Social Security process include putting off applying for benefits, filing new claims instead of appealing previously denied applications, and failing to properly prepare the claim with all necessary materials. Don’t make the biggest mistake of all though, which is seeking your benefits without legal representation.

Finding a Social Security Lawyer in Stafford County

Finding a Social Security Lawyer in Stafford County does not have to be a difficult process. Our team is standing by waiting to help you by listening, advising, and advocating for you. Why go through a stressful, intricate, time-consuming process alone when you don’t have to? Call today to get your claim started or to obtain representation for an existing or rejected one.