Social Security Disability Process

One of the reasons it is imperative to apply for Social Security Disability benefits as soon as you become disabled is because the legal process for obtaining benefits can be quite lengthy and protracted. In some cases, the span of time between the initial application for disability benefits and the final approval is years. From numerous forms and documentation through requests for reconsideration and an appeal of an Administrative Law Judge’s (ALJ) decision, an SSD case can fill countless hours with paperwork and court appearances. For the best result, turn to a Social Security lawyer familiar with the disability process. An SSD attorney knows how to handle efficiently every step of your quest for benefits.

Approximately 70% of all initial disability applications are rejected. An initial rejection, however, is not cause for giving up. There is a process in place for requesting reconsideration or for appealing denied benefits. The majority of applicants must go through one or more of these steps before receiving final approval or denial of disability benefits:

  • Application for SSD Benefits
  • Request for Reconsideration of Denied Benefits
  • Request for a Hearing to Determine Disability
  • Disability Hearing
  • Appeal or Appeals of an Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling to Deny Benefits

Each of these steps must be conducted within a specific time frame, and must be efficiently and appropriately completed. For example, a request for a hearing must be filed within 60 days of receiving written notice of an initial rejection of a disability claim. Failure to properly file the request within the allotted time frame will result in the rejection of the application and the inability to have a disability hearing. With the help of an experienced disability lawyer, an applicant can be assured of meeting all deadlines and following the disability process as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

To begin the process of applying for SSD benefits or to continue your claim after a rejection of your application, consult a DC disability lawyer or Maryland disability lawyer with the experience to get you the results you need.