Do I Need a Disability Lawyer?

Because it is not mandated that individuals are represented by a Social Security Disability lawyer as they attempt to apply for disability benefits, many individuals assume that applying for benefits is something that can be easily accomplished on their own. However, those without legal representation quickly realize their mistake as they are mired by extensive paperwork, face formal disability hearings, and find themselves with a rejected disability benefits claim. Even if you have begun the process, it is not too late to find an SSD lawyer in DC or Maryland to help you sort out the complex disability process and get you the disability benefits you deserve, including back pay.

Statistics show that those who seek Social Security Disability benefits without representation are much more likely to have their claims rejected and their benefits denied. In fact, the Social Security Administration’s own statistics support hiring a disability lawyer to handle your claim, and the U.S. Supreme Court mandates that Administrative Law Judges advise unrepresented clients that their chance of a successful disability claim is maximized by hiring a legal representative.

There are several steps to the process of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, and the process can take years without adequate skill and knowledge. A qualified SSD lawyer can help with each of these steps, from application to appeal.

Approximately 60-70% of all Social Security Disability claims are rejected at the initial application. The paperwork and forms to be completed are extensive. Filling out paperwork correctly, finding proper documentation, and filing the forms in a timely manner are difficult tasks for anyone, and the difficulty is exacerbated if one is affected by a disability so severe that it prohibits meaningful employment. An experienced Social Security attorney can help successfully complete all forms and has the resources for obtaining proper medical documentation of a disability, maximizing the potential for acceptance of the initial SSD application.

As said before, the majority of all SSD applications are rejected, denying disabled individuals of necessary disability benefits. An initial denial of benefits, however, does not mean that an applicant won’t be able to eventually receive disability payments. You may request a hearing, but your formal request must be filed swiftly. A Social Security lawyer can process the request in an efficient manner, and will provide quality representation at the disability hearing, a legal proceeding governed by administrative law. Making an appearance at this hearing and any subsequent appellate proceedings without legal representation from an experienced disability lawyer would be a critical mistake.

Whether you are just beginning the application process or whether you have already filed a disability claim and had your benefits denied, an SSD lawyer can handle your case from here on out, working to get you the disability benefits you need. Quickly consult a DC disability lawyer or Maryland disability lawyer in your area.

Filing for Social Security disability insurance is not the same thing as filing a personal injury claim against a person or company that caused your injuries. For more information on what personal injury claims involve, visit this Basic Personal Injury Law for Dummies page at the Ehline Law Firm website.